The AutoEthnographer is an open-access, peer-reviewed literary and arts magazine dedicated to presenting the creative side of autoethnography, a qualitative research method that utilizes lived experience as evidence with which to explore cultural phenomena. A 501(c)(3), our vision is to become a trusted platform for writers, poets, artists, educators, and researchers to share and celebrate evocative personal inquiry; we believe that autoethnography is a powerful tool for cultural examination and hope to support its potential in learning, healing, humanities, and the arts.

Our independent editorial team of international artists, performers, writers, and scholars invites unpublished, unsolicited, evocative stories – sometimes textual, audio, visual, or multimodal – crafted in conjunction with autoethnography that celebrate the intersection of personal expression and cultural inquiry. Use the main menu to browse categories and sample articles.

We also invite reflections on performing autoethnography, interviews with or among autoethnographers, and news/resources. Theoretical, academic, and philosophical treatments of autoethnography are recommended for submission to The Journal of Autoethnography (unaffiliated).

Please see our Submissions page for more information about publishing at The AutoEthnographer. Please see our Work with Us page to learn about volunteering at The AutoEthnographer. Please see our editor’s introduction The Birth of an Idea, and editorial board’s What Do Editors Look for When Reviewing Evocative Autoethnographies? to learn about the rationale behind The AutoEthnographer. View Our Team to learn about our editorial board. Visit our Community to interact with others.

Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash

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