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Featured photo of woman in sari and jewels from Nandini Manjunath
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Multimedia Autoethnography: On ‘Being’ and ‘Knowing’ a Body

”I share this artistic piece as an invitation to problematise and think further about not only the Autoethnographic “I/We” in what I/we can know about ourselves and our bodies but also to make space for the incoherence that becomes a part of “being” and “knowing” in explorations of fragmentation and loss.”

Photo of man sitting in front of projected illustration of dying woman
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Multimedia Autoethnography: “Drifting,” an Exploration of Sibling Loss

“I’m not exactly sure when I decided to make a performance piece about my sister’s traumatic brain injury and death. In fact, I’m not sure there ever was a single moment of decision. Her story had become public in many ways, from online care sites to prayer chains to social media posts from family and friends. Her story was being performed out in the world before I started telling it.”