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When the Heart is Young by John Godward
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Fragrance Cultures: The Making of a Perfume Historian

“Because I was so immersed in both history, bound in good-smelling leather, no less, and in beautiful and evocative little bottles around me as playthings, I guess it needed no further prompting. It was within my blood before I could think about what I wanted to do with my life!”

Featured photo of woman in sari and jewels from Nandini Manjunath
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Multimedia Autoethnography: On ‘Being’ and ‘Knowing’ a Body

”I share this artistic piece as an invitation to problematise and think further about not only the Autoethnographic “I/We” in what I/we can know about ourselves and our bodies but also to make space for the incoherence that becomes a part of “being” and “knowing” in explorations of fragmentation and loss.”

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Fragrance Cultures: The Making of a Perfume Critic, Part 1

“As fragrance, and perfume in particular, has played a major role in the shaping of my writer’s voice, and participation in cultures of fragrance has had a major impact upon my identity, it is impossible to situate myself outside of these cultures. It is because of this privilege of “insider identity” within the global fragrance community and my natural inclination towards narrative research that I turned to autoethnography.”