Autoethnographer: one who uses lived experience as evidence with which to explore cultural phenomena.



Rolling submissions will be accepted from June, 2022 -December, 2023 to help us create our urgent special issue.

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identity (16)Special Issue 2022: Climate Change (10)poetry (10)family (7)feminism (7)COVID (6)mourning (6)women (6)teaching (5)black feminism (5)The Twerking Academic (5)language (4)PANDEMIC (4)call for submissions (4)grieving (4)healing (4)black bodies (4)choreography (4)dance (4)parenting (4)Canada (3)English language (3)IAANI (3)strength (3)special issue (3)climate change (3)relationships (3)Issues (3)Fragrance Cultures (3)travel (3)perfume (3)abortion (3)grief (3)loss (3)IAANI conference (3)interview (3)multimedia (3)video (3)about The AutoEthnographer (3)fragrance (3)becoming (2)Anzaldúa (2)Spanish language (2)linguistic identity (2)bilingüe (2)Three Bangladeshi Women (2)Stray Words Turbulent Art (2)climate grief (2)Nepantla (2)mothers (2)beach (2)bilingualism (2)betweenness (2)501(c)(3) (2)poverty (2)¡Aguacate! (2)nonprofit (2)technology (2)drawings (2)parental death (2)scriptotherapy (2)Processing Parental Grief (2)Australia (2)bodily autonomy (2)poems (2)whiteness (2)bell hooks (2)linguistic discrimination (2)coping (2)fear (2)professional identity (2)performance (2)support (2)ISAN conference (2)USA (2)anger (2)flash (2)Audre Lorde (2)farming (2)miscarriage (2)trauma (2)translation (2)children (2)war (2)friendship (2)The Handmaid's Tale (2)dissertation (2)friendships (2)poet (2)boundaries (2)sexuality (2)Texas (2)inspiration (2)Jay and June (2)Atwood (2)columns (1)love (1)mentorship (1)Stuff (1)correspondence (1)historian (1)cannabis (1)Ntozake Shange (1)Shanita Mitchell (1)marijuana (1)The South (1)baking (1)Florida (1)For Colored Girls (1)New York (1)philosophy (1)history (1)naming (1)hobbies (1)semiotics (1)philosophy of autoethnography (1)editors (1)journalism (1)choreopoem (1)reflections (1)bipolar disorder (1)film (1)movement (1)body (1)embodiment (1)self-knowledge (1)creative process (1)spoken word (1)experience (1)heartbreak (1)Greece (1)Tolkien (1)feminist (1)Worlds without Women (1)stalking (1)public space (1)Africa (1)Lord of the Rings (1)Manila (1)drugged (1)rape (1)Maghreb (1)Presentations (1)English thesis (1)perseverence (1)Finland (1)Europe (1)Jay Meadows (1)fiction (1)social distancing (1)nurse (1)UK (1)growth (1)closure (1)Shades (1)caring (1)lockdown (1)Puerto Rico (1)poets (1)Chypre (1)Dior (1)Guerlain (1)Italy (1)viva (1) (1)graduate (1)medication (1)allyship (1)aggressive act (1)accusation (1)chickens (1)alternative methods (1)ADHD (1)Crystal Sands (1)farmer (1)The Color Purple (1)academia (1)autoethnography (1)sibling loss (1)audio (1)literary journal (1)artwork (1)death (1)students (1)gay (1)homophobia (1)closet (1)coming out (1)Japan (1)call for proposals (1)online conference (1)editorial board (1)volunteer (1)dancer (1)pride (1)awards (1)India (1)poetry collection (1)defense (1)expressive arts therapies (1)if you build it (1)Coney Island (1)suffragette (1)poetry therapy (1)owl (1)sexual repression (1)religious beliefs (1)celebration of life (1)legislation (1)American Literature (1)minority (1)diversity (1)fragmented writers (1)PhD (1)confidence (1)control (1)field of dreams (1)Offred (1)Sexual conversion therapy (1)The Odyssey (1)Emily Dickinson (1)critical thinking (1)PC culture (1)Twitter (1)Western Asia (1)social media (1)political correctness (1)quiet thing (1)responsibility (1)appreciation (1)reflection (1)about the magazine (1)literature (1)incubator (1)magazine (1)sociocultural (1)Special Issue 2023: Laughter (1)Russian language (1)Russia (1)Ukraine (1)stutter (1)language learning (1)weather (1)weapon (1)meteorological (1)Toronto (1)cold (1)ice (1)Venice (1)disaster (1)art education (1)artistic (1)ACL (1)adult community learning (1)artist-teacher (1)learning (1)flash fiction (1)mother and daughter (1)writing therapy (1)climate change denial (1)climate threat (1)teachers (1)art (1)employment (1)Eau d'Italie (1)eulogy (1)independence (1)working women (1)freedom to choose (1)donate (1)Through the Eyes of a Dancer (1)circus (1)clowns (1)desert (1)detours (1)Marta Becket (1)trains (1)Detour on an Elephant (1)Sienne l'Hiver (1)funeral (1)deceased (1)crematory (1)aftercare (1)casket (1)murder (1)Dante (1)Commedia Divina (1)relationship to nature (1)shiva (1)discontinued (1)scent (1)morticians (1)Bangladesh (1)casual academic (1)university (1)reflection on practice (1)self-understanding (1)visuality (1)book release (1)Patricia Leavy (1)social fiction (1)literary research (1)Method Meets Art (1)Celestial Bodies (1)creative approaches to research (1)qualitative sociologist (1)arts-based research (1)performance art (1)novelist (1)research methods (1)Carolyn Ellis (1)Oaxaca (1)Mexico (1)language study (1)ASL (1)sign language (1)deaf interpreter (1)book review (1)african american (1)motherhood (1)Renata Harden Ferdinand (1)Re/Invention (1)adjunct (1)experimental film (1)public/private (1)transient (1)anxiety (1)othered (1)workspace (1)respect (1)CFP (1)rights (1)circumcision (1)contraception (1)women's rights (1)choice (1)free to choose (1)windows (1)Special Issue 2022-23: Bodily Autonomy (1)PTSD (1)embarassment (1)denial (1)bibliotherapy (1)guilt (1)sexual violence (1)performer-autoethnographer (1)artists (1)Susan Broadhurst (1)liminality (1)creative practice (1)sexual assault (1)Third space (1)Nina Simone (1)open submissions (1)transformation (1)sea (1)development (1)black woman (1)power (1)Solange (1)oppression (1)empathy (1)Bengal (1)Pakistan (1)short story (1)mother-in-law (1)Southern (1)family dynamics (1)bullying (1)traditions (1)transportation (1)trailer (1)airstream (1)watercolor (1)retirement (1)New Mexico (1)Quartzsite (1)Sierra Nevada (1)apocalypse (1)Wendell Berry (1)suicide (1)Golden Shovel (1)aging (1)Tree (1)animated video (1)technicolor (1)Randall Packer (1)Homi Bhabha (1)Ray Oldenburg (1)Suzanne Hughes (1)poem (1)Poland (1)M. Soledad Caballero (1)I Was a Bell (1)memory (1)Chile (1)drfitwood (1)immigration (1)Spanish (1)gasp (1)writing process (1)writing poetry (1)bilingual (1)mental illness (1)theme park (1)break-up (1)international student (1)Hindu (1)Nani Maa (1)cancer (1)stereotypes (1)Terrence Hayes (1)climate crisis (1)robot (1)extinction (1)ducks (1)cuckkoo clock (1)assemblages (1)paintings (1)mixed media (1)collage (1)decoys (1)ecology (1)apocalyptic (1)mutant (1)automaton (1)humour (1)writer’s life (1)productivity (1)meaning (1)Don Quixote (1)screenwriting (1)hero’s journey (1)California (1)psychosomatic illness (1)Yukon territory (1)snowfall (1)flooding (1)writing (1)doctoral dissertation (1)avian (1)habitat destruction (1)cooperation (1)multilingualism (1)Shelley (1)Shakespeare (1)sonnets (1)French (1)Phenomenology (1)word gap theory (1)disenfranchised grief (1)Moving (1)home (1)security (1)childhood (1)house (1)donations (1)grants (1)funding (1)mission (1)vision (1)birds (1)machines (1)nature (1)artist (1)animal cruelty (1)deforestation (1)charitable organization (1)Things I Tell My Daughter (1)
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